Hey Lovelies!

Today I am sharing some amazing beauty hacks that would be helpful to you.

Hack 1:  Does not have the perfect shade of foundation? Add another foundation to get the desired perfect shade. If your shade is too dark, then add a moisturizer to lighten the product.

Hack 2: Use coconut oil or Vaseline to gently remove eye makeup. It is a natural and effective way to remove makeup from the eye.

Hack 3: Waiting for drying freshly painted nails? Soak your hands in chilled water. It will quicken up the drying process.

Hack 4: Want flawless matte pout? Use toothbrush to gently remove the flaky and dead skin from the lips.

Hack 5: Broke your compact powder? Collect the broken pieces, then add a few drops of rubbing alcohol and then smooth the paste back down into the compact.

Hack 6: For long lasting lipstick, after applying the lipstick, place a tissue over the lips and then tap some pressed powder to set your lipstick.

Hack 7: Use a spoon to avoid mascara smudges.  Hold a spoon above or below the lash line to avoid getting marks on your skin.

Hack 8: Out of blush? Use lipstick onto your cheeks to get natural blush.

Hack 9: Want a smudgy eyeliner look with a regular kohl pencil? Heat the pencil for 2-3 seconds, and then let it cool down for 30 seconds and get the desired look.

Hack 10: Are you running out of your shaving cream? Use hair conditioner to shave your legs. It will also work as a moisturizer and give you super smooth skin.

Share your beauty hacks with me in the comment section below.


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