Everyone loves to look good and we spend a number of hours trying to look our best, but we are making some beauty mistakes that we did not know. So girls, read and avoid these beauty blunders.

Brushing when wet

Brushing hair when it’s wet is a big no – no guys! It leads to breakage and hair damage. If you want to detangle your hair when it’s wet, then fingers are your best friend.

Bathing with hot water

I know everyone likes hot water bath during winters specially, but you know hot water strips natural oils from your skin and leaves it dry. I suggest using lukewarm water instead of hot water.

Not grooming eyebrows

Eyebrows are one of the most important parts of our face. So try not to neglect eyebrows because with age, they get faded. Define your eyebrows with a brow liner.

Avoid preps your lips

Prepping lips before lipstick is so important, but if you apply lipstick to flaky, dry lips then it’s not going to look flawless. Take the extra time to exfoliate dry and chapped lips and moisturize them before applying your lipstick.

Choosing the wrong shade of foundation

Are you one of them who test foundation on the back of the hand? Then you are probably choosing the wrong shade of foundation. Do a test on the cheek and the neck, it will give you a more sensible idea of whether the shade matches or not.

Forget to cover your neck

Don’t forget your neck while applying foundation. If you forget to apply foundation on your neck area, then your face looks different than your neck. So just run your hands down on your neck to avoid beauty blunder.

Wearing sunscreen in the summer only

If you are not applying sunscreen in winters then harmful UV rays damage your skin. Yes girls, sun protection are necessary either it’s cloudy or rainy, whatever season is you must wear sunscreen. Just make a habit of wearing SPF regularly.

Using a liquid liner in a hurry

If you are running late then don’t apply liquid liner. It’s a big no. I suggest using a pencil or gel liner instead.

Not prepping your face before makeup

One of the biggest mistakes is not prepping the face before makeup. If you are applying makeup on tired, dry, cracked or oily skin, then surely it’s flattering on no one. For flawless makeup, skin preparation is necessary. So, try to apply makeup on properly moisturized face.

You are sleeping with makeup on

Girls! Don’t sleep with your makeup. Remove all makeup from your face before hitting the bed to keep your skin healthy. Your skin needs to breathe so do not sleep with makeup.

Are you making these mistakes too? Let me know in comments section.


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