Running late for a meeting or party , but your nail polish will not dry. Here are some easy methods you can try to make the process go faster.

Cold Water Quick Dry

You need a bowl of cold water and ice cubes. Before you paint your nails, fill up a bowl with cold tap water. Add an ice cube, and set it aside. When you are done painting your nails, wait about two minutes to let the polish “set”. Then dip your fresh painted nails into the bowl and keep them there for 5 mins and then remove your hands. You will see water beading on the surface of your nails – a sign your polish is completely dry.

Add a Quick Dry Top Coat

Purchasing a clear coat of nail polish that’s been formulated specifically to cut down on drying time is an easy way to dry nails faster.

Blow Dryer

Use a hair dryer with adjustable settings.Plug in a hair dryer with a “cool air” setting and when you finish painting your nails, hit your nails with a steady stream of cool air.

Spray on Cooking Oil

A Spritz of cooking oil helps your nails dry faster.Alternatively, you can also use a little hairspray if you are out of cooking oil.

Thin it Out

Apply one thin yet perfect layer of nail polish on your nails instead of numerous coats of color. This leads to a more even finish as well as faster drying times overall.

Do you have any nail polish tricks and hacks ? Let me know in the comments section below!