Skin needs more care during winter. Cold & dry weather steals moisture away from the skin.  Here are some tips you need to follow in this winter to keep your skin soft, healthy and glowing.

Skip long & hot showers

In winters, everyone enjoys long and hot showers but it damages your skin coz its dries out your skin and take away your moisture. So instead of hot showers use lukewarm water as it is ideal for skin.

Always moisturise after wash

Make sure you always moisturise your skin after every time you wash. If you want to attain healthy and glowing skin. Don’t skip this step in your skin care regime.

Don’t forget to apply sunscreen

Sunscreen is not only made for summers but they are important in every season. Sun protection is important in winters also. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen during winters. Apply sunscreen daily with SpF30 or above and protect your skin from harsh rays of sun.

Drink water

In winters, Everyone enjoys hot drinks like tea , coffee etc. but forget to drink water. Guys drink loads and loads of water during winters bcoz your skin needs hydration. Water helps to remove toxins from the body. Everyday at least drink 8-10 glasses of water to keep your skin hydrated and healthy.

Exfoliation is must

Guys! Don’t skip exfoliation in winters. It becomes more important during the colder months. You need to exfoliate for removing dead skin cells and get rid of excess oil & dirt. It helps your skin absorb your moisturiser. Do not over exfoliate because it makes your skin dry. Always make sure that you must apply moisturiser after exfoliation.