lazy girl beauty hacks

There are days when we get up a little late for work and have to rush , and sometimes we are just not feeling like spending an hour for makeup but we still want to look good. So ,Use these genius hacks to look your best with zero effort.

#Hack 1 :

Want to make perfume last longer?

Apply Vaseline before spraying perfume this will make your perfume last longer .

#Hack 2

Want to look glam?

Yeah I know some days , when we don’t feel like doing a full face makeup but yes, we want to look glam. So ladies play with this one feature, Do a bold lip and a bare eye or vice versa. You’ll look cool instantly.

#Hack 3

Oily hair?

If you haven’t washed your hair and it looks greasy , apply dry shampoo to your roots. It will soak up all the grease. But if you are running out of dry shampoo, then you can use baby powder too.

#Hack 4

Just painted nails ,but you don’t feel like waiting?

Dip your fresh painted nails into ice water for a few minutes. It will help your nails dry faster.

#Hack 5

Large visible pores?

Take an ice cube and rub it all over your face before applying makeup. Yes, it’s cold, but it works wonders for Closing your pores.

#Hack 6

Eyeliner glitches?

To cover your eyeliner glitches , take an angled brush and use some concealer to paint over the mistake! Seriously, works like a charm!

#Hack 7

Look tired?

Put blush on cheeks to make you look fresh instantly.

Tell me in comment section which of the cool beauty hacks you will try out.

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