In summer, Ice cubes are a life saver for us. Apart from refreshing us on a hot day, it has commendable benefits for skin. It’s an easy and quick fix for makeup setting, pore tightening, and banishing excessive sweating. Here are some amazing ways to use ice cubes in your skin care routine.

For long-lasting makeup

Want long lasting makeup? Rub a few ice cubes on your face before applying makeup. It will help the makeup to set well on the face and also last longer.

Soothe sunburn

Wrap some ice cubes in a cloth and rub on the affected area for instant relief.

Shrink that ugly pimple

This is the inexpensive way to get rid of that ugly pimple. Do not just spend lots of money on pimple free face washes or creams. Wrap few cubes in a cloth and place over your acne for few minutes. It will shrink the size of acne and also reduce the swelling and redness.

Natural glow

Daily rubbing of ice cubes improves blood circulation giving your face an instant and healthy glow. It also prevents wrinkles and premature ageing too.

Reduce eye puffiness

Grab an ice cube and wrap it in a cloth and rub them over the eyes. It will relax your eye, tighten the skin and reduce the puffiness too.

Dewy skin instantly

Just rub an ice cube on your face and get that dewy fresh look immediately without any makeup.

Reduce skin redness

If allergic reactions are giving you red skin, Use an ice cube to get rid of redness or inflammations on your skin.

Painless tweezing

Rubbing an ice cube over your brow before tweezing makes the skin temporarily numb, thus reducing the pain of tweezing eyebrows. Repeat the procedure after plucking eyebrows as it helps in reducing redness and inflammation.

Dry nails fast

Dip your freshly painted nails in a bowl of chilled ice water. It will escalate the nail drying process and will seal the paint in place in very less time.


Tips to Remember

  • Excessive use may lead to skin problems that can worsen your situation.
  • Do not use ice cubes directly on face because that can cause damage to capillary under the skin. So It is advisable always to use clean ice cubes and wrapping them in a zip lock bag or cotton cloth before use.


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