Coconut oil is magical oil and its uses are countless. I love coconut oil because it’s so light (not greasy) and natural. Do you know how to use coconut oil in your daily beauty regime to get glowing skin?

I am sharing some ways to incorporate the oil into your daily skin care routine. After reading this, you will definitely want the coconut oil to reap the benefits of that magical thing.

As a highlighter

You can use coconut oil as a cheekbone highlighter. Apply a little amount of coconut oil on cheekbone to add some shine. It will provide you a natural glow and requires no expensive product to purchase.

As a makeup remover

Dip a cotton pad into coconut oil , then gently rub all over the face to remove makeup. It’s a very natural and inexpensive way to remove makeup. I personally use this every night to remove my all makeup.

As a lip balm

Dab some coconut oil with your fingers on your lips. It moisturises, nourish your lips and keep them hydrated.

As a body moisturizer

You can use the magical oil as a body moisturizer. Apply right after showering all over your body. It will nourish, hydrate dry skin and locks in all moistures after showers.

As a foot scrub

Mix salt and coconut oil to form a foot scrub.

As a leave in hair conditioner

Take a small amount of coconut oil and massage onto the ends of hair and work your way up. Focus as applying on the ends, less in the middle and nothing at the roots.

As a stretch mark reducer

Rub coconut oil over the affected area on stomach during & after the pregnancy to get rid of those ugly stretch marks.

As a scrub

Add oil with ground coffee beans to form a facial or body scrub. Use this scrub twice a week for removing dead skin cells and get a perfect glowing skin.

As a sunscreen

Do you know, that coconut oil offers some protection against sun. The oil has SPF 4, just enough, you protect from sun. Reapply as required, throughout the day.

As a deep conditioner

Massage hot coconut oil to provide moisture to your dry hair. It works well as a pre -shampoo treatment. Leave in for at least an hour before shampoo and then wash it off.

As a lip scrub

Mix one Tbsp of coconut oil with two tbsp of brown sugar and one tbsp of honey. Voila! You got a natural lip scrub. Scrub it once a week to get rid of chapped lips.

I hope you liked it. Please, feel free to share your feedback about it by commenting below or sending DM on my social media channels.

Stay beautiful always!