Holi is just around the corner. The long weekend makes it perfect to have a gala time with family, relatives & friends. It is the most vibrant festival of the year. This festival traditionally played with natural colors made from herbs and flowers but now they have been replaced by chemicals. These chemicals can damage your skin and hair to a great extent. It can cause breakouts, allergies, rashes, irritation and even serious injuries upon scratching. It is utmost important to take care of your hair and skin before playing Holi. Here’s the list of holi skin care tips that can come to your rescue!

Moisturize your skin well before stepping out

If you have a dry skin, start moisturising it until the skin texture returns to normal. Dry skin will make the color stick to your skin. It’s easier to take off the color from a well-moisturised skin.

Wear clothes that cover your skin

Protect your skin by wearing clothes that cover your entire body so that there is minimum exposure.

Apply oils

Apply coconut oil on your whole body before going out to play holi. This will helps the color come off easily. For hair, apply mustard oil to your scalp and hair.

Don’t forget sunscreen

Apply sunscreen to your body and make sure it is waterproof .It can protect your skin to a great extent. If you’re in the sun for more than 3 hours, remember to re-apply the sunscreen.

Apply petroleum jelly

Make sure you use petroleum jelly on lips instead of regular lip balms because the skin of the lips quickly gets dry. So apply a petroleum jelly as its texture is thick and will work for a longer period of time.

Almond oil for eyes

Apply almond oil beneath your eyes and protect them with sunglasses.

Cover your hair

Do not keep your hair open because open hair soaks more colors.So ladies, tie your hair in a ponytail or make a bun.

Note: Do not use any hair accessories while playing because when the hair gets wet, it becomes weak from the roots and the accessories pull it off.

Stay hydrated

Holi colors make your skin dry. Drinking water to keep the skin hydrated is also important. So keep drinking water and juice all day long.

Wish you all a very happy and colourful Holi!