Here are some ways that can help to boost your well being and improve the quality of your life.

Drink water

Water is very important not only for the skin, but for brain also. If you are dehydrated then it will affect your attention, memory, language and reasoning. So guys! Drink loads of water in a day.

Think before you speak

Our words can hurt someone or uplift them. Before speaking anything asks these questions to you “is it necessary?” “Is it kind?” “Is it hurtful?” If it’s not relevant or its hurtful then opt for silence over words that cause damage.

Read a book instead of phone

If you have some time to kill then do not waste your time scrolling through social media, pick up a book and read. Books are human’s best friends. It helps you to stay calm, present and focused. Carry a book in your bag, car or purse and read whenever you have time.

Practice Self kindness

Be kind to yourself. Try to compliment yourself. Look at your positive side. Appreciate your accomplishments that made you feel proud.

Make the time for the things you love

Do something which brings you happiness and joy. Make time for activities you enjoy.

Eliminate negative energy

Do not allow negative energies and individuals occupied your sacred space.

Try a new activity

Do not stick to what you know, try something new. Discover something new leads to increased productivity, renewed creativity, fun memories, and—at the very least—an interesting story.


A clean ,organised space has countless emotional, and mental benefits. So organised a space, whether it’s at home or work. Determine what you want to keep, what you not. Get rid of anything you do not use on a regular basis or don’t love. Keeping only the items that bring happiness and ease to your life will make your desk, or home so much more inviting and accessible.

Focus on one task at a time

Do not multi task because it has an adverse effect. Do not worry about the next thing on your to do list. Focus on one task, it will be more productive and give you a result which are 10 times more productive.


Write down your dream, wish, want or hope. Buy a journal and write your plans, goals and whatever feels interesting and exciting to you.

Share in comments what changes have you made to improve your life.