Happy New Year lovelies!

The calendar has turned and, once again, we are in a new year! And with this New Year comes the opportunity to begin again with a fresh start. I am sharing my new year resolutions with you guys.

Blog more

One of my resolutions is blog every day. I really enjoy blogging and will blog as much as I can.

Workout more

I want to exercise more and keep myself motivated for exercise.

Think positively

Sometimes I let things get me down if they don’t go exactly the way I want them to, so I want to be better at not worrying.

Travel more

I think this resolution is my favorite because I love to travel and planning trips. I want to go somewhere this year I have never been before.

Stress less

Stress can threaten my health and well being and I can get quite stressy when I get busy with work or things don’t go the way I want them and I want to take less stress during 2019.

Spend more time with family

I will spend more time with my family in 2019. As we get older, it becomes tougher to spend family time with them. It’s mainly because life keeps you busy. This is also in my resolution list.

Schedule more “me” time

I will clear more days in 2019 in my schedule and plan some me time.

Read more books

I definitely want to make time to read more during 2019.

Drink more water

Yeah , this is in my list too. I will swap my usual beverage for water.  Less calories, less sugar, and it keeps me hydrated!

What are your new year resolutions? Share your resolutions in comment section below. You can also message me on my facebook page & instagram.