My birthday is in the next month. I have mixed feelings. I feel sad because I’m growing old and I do not like it and there is no way that I can stop this and then obviously worrying about the responsibilities which I have to manage as an adult. I do not know about future, but I know how to make it great with lots of effort and hard work. Now with all these feelings, I decided to share my wish list for my birthday.

  • Watch

    This is my fav fav accessory. I have three favourites, but I want a new classic & elegant watch.

  • Notebook

    I love to write. I am kind of person who always preferred to write on paper rather than on computer /phone.

  • A customized Mug

    I have 2 customized Mug but because I love tea. So want a new cup.

  • Lipsticks

    I am totally obsessed with lipsticks. I just cannot go without lipsticks. If you want to make me feel happy, then give me loads and loads of lipsticks. 😛

  • Makeup Brushes

    I am always going to buy a nice set of makeup brushes, but I am postponing for next mon don’t know why.

  • Clinique skin care products

    If you want to buy me cosmetics, this is a perfect choice.

  • Instax Mini

    I have decided to travel more in 2018 and to create more good and fun memories. And what better for catching the memories than an instant photo camera.

In the last, I want to add, Love and attention are the most beautiful gifts. These expensive gifts are nothing in front of love and attention.