birthday wishlist 2019

Hello February!

February.. My favorite month of the year . There are so many things to love about February, but my most favorite thing is my birthday.

My birthday is coming soon. I always get asked “What would you like for your Birthday” but my brain goes totally blank. I decided to spend a little time finding items that I would love just for me. I decided to put together a birthday wish list. So, here we go! Happy Birthday to my other Feb babies!!

Curling Wand

You know , how I care about my appearance and in last some months , the waves have become my favorite hairstyle. So yeah , I  need a new Curling wand. The old one has begun to quit.


I am more interested in skincare than makeup. Good skincare products cost a lot more than makeup. If you want to make me happy buy me some good skincare products. 😛

Pampering Experience

Self-care is  important and a gift card for a nice massage will always be greatly appreciated!


This is the gift I will buy myself for making videos, but still, I wanted to share with you.


I have tons of earrings, necklaces, and rings, but I still forget to buy bracelets.  I love pieces like this because they go with so many things so I definitely wanted this on the list.

Gift Card

I prefer gift cards over anything. So if you decided to make me happy and give me a gift card.


A bag is truly the last thing I “need” but that doesn’t stop me from looking at them constantly. What can I say? I’m obsessed with bags! I love a cross body bag black in color just because I can mix and match with my outfit.

Check out my last Birthday wishlist – still carving some of those things!

Is there anything you can think of that I definitely need to add to my birthday wishlist? Let me know below in the comments or you can send DM on Facebook or Instagram.