Nothing is permanent 

Nothing is permanent except change. It’s like a flowing river in which nothing stays. Relationships, circumstances, and feelings change. Nobody is ever exactly the same in each moment.The problem with us is we want everything permanent in this temporary life. Don’t get angry when things change. We need to learn to flow with it in order to live stress free.

It’s not your job to take action for other people

We all want good for our family , friends and loved ones but only they can take action to improve their situation/lives. You need to support their thinking, fears and beliefs and be there when they need you.

Forgiveness is a gift to yourself

It is a gift which you can give to yourself. Yeah , that’s right ,to yourself. It is a decision to let go of resentment and bitterness towards a person or situation. If you hold on to anger or grudges toward someone ,it only affects you and you will be unhappy.

What you surround yourself with matters

Surround yourself with people who make you happy. People who care , People who support you.

Do not take anything personal

If people have a bad opinion about you they’re spreading their negativity.There will always be people who dislike you for some reason. Let it go. Move on.

People come and go

People are allowed to leave you. Let the special ones know what they mean to you.Try and focus on making every day with every person in your life right now, the best moments you can make with them.

You can’t please everyone

Yeah, you know it , but once again it’s a reminder for you that you can’t please everyone.We should be spreading happiness but we need to mind our business. Your happiness comes first.Give a damn about the things you care about.

I’ve learned a lot in the 2018, and because of these lessons, I grew stronger as a person. In the end what I have learned is appreciate these moments. Be thankful for all you have and where you are because this time next year , nothing will be the same.
What Are Your Life Lessons of 2018? Share with me in comments box.