I always carry a bag because it is my best friend. It comes with me everywhere. When I don’t have my bag, I feel like a part of me is missing. I have tons of stuff in my bag. You should know that there are some must haves you should always carry in your purse or bag. Here are some things you should always carry in your purse.

Hand sanitizer

Sanitizer is something which is a very important thing you should have in your bag because it helps protects you. Our hands come in contact with so many things each day. Whether you are shaking hands, handling cash, opening a door, grabbing a cart, there are germs everywhere!

Compact mirror

Ladies! Always carry a mirror in your bag because you never know when you might need to reapply your lipstick or touch up your face.

Safety pins

If you pop a button and you are still at work? What do you do for the next some hours? These pins are a life saver. It’s a must have in your bag.

Hair brush

Hair brush is the one of things every woman should have in her bag. When you need to pull your hair back then its a friend.

Lip balms

No one likes chapped, flaky and dry lips. Keep lip balms in your purse to get moisturized and nourish lips. I personally obsessed with lip balm.

Mini wallet

To keep your cards or cash in one place you will be needing mini wallet.


This is my fav part in my bag. I am foodie. I like to have some snack in my purse.


People like to store information on the phone rather than a notebook. But I like to store information on notebook. The notebook is reliable. You may run out of battery of your mobile phone.

Baby wipes

If you need a cool refresher in a hot summer day then its must have product. It is great for removing makeup also.

Hand cream

To keep your hands soft , you will be needing this.


Bad breath does not flatter anyone. So always be prepared with some gum or mints on hand.

Make up bag

A mini make up bag helps you to keep all your necessities in one place!

Pocket size tissues

If you feel a sneeze coming on then you have tissues on hand to clean up the aftermath of that surprise sneeze.

Share in the comments below, what other things you should always carry in your purse?