I am sharing step by step guide to apply makeup perfectly.

Always prep your skin first

Cleanse the face

The first step is clean your face with facial cleanser. Choose the cleanser according to your skin type. This step removes all type of dirt and oil from the face and make it clean.

Use a toner

Toner helps to take away all impurities(excess oil, remove dirt), tighten the pores,  restore your pH balance and protecting skin. Choose an appropriate facial toner for your skin type. Soak a cotton pad in liquid facial toner and gently move that pad across your face. It will also prepare your skin to absorb the products you apply after.


After you’ve finished cleansing and toning your face, then the next step is to moisturize your face with a moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated.

Wear sunscreen

Applying sunscreen is so important for skin throughout the year because harsh UV rays can damage your skin terribly. So girls, always wear SPF!

These steps are the basic steps before applying makeup. Now let’s move on the actual part.

How to apply makeup Step by Step tutorial


Applying a face primer is the first and foremost step. It helps smoothes texture, boosts coverage and creates a smooth canvas for your makeup. It minimizes pore visibility and ensures products wear better and last longer.


Select the right shade of foundation that matches your skin tone helps to achieve a flawless base. Apply foundation on your face in small batches on your forehead, cheeks, chin, and then blend the product well to cover the face and neck with the brush or a makeup sponge.


It’s time to conceal ladies! A concealer is used to cover that ugly dark circles, blemishes on your face. Select the concealer that is slightly lighter than your skin tone.

  • Apply the concealer under your eyes with a concealer brush to brighten out the area.
  • Dab some concealer on spots , blemishes  then blend well.

Once the base is ready, now you can enhance your features.


Groom your eyebrows with a eye brow pencil. Choose a pencil that matches your eyebrows. Fill the brows with the brush for a natural look.


Define your eyes with eye shadow, liner and mascara.

  • Choose the right shade of eye shadow for your eye is must to enhance your eyes.
  • Apply the eye liner on your upper waterline and the outer corners of your lower lash line.
  • Use a mascara to coat your lashes giving them a thick look.


Blush adds a pleasant glow to your face. Apply the blush with blush brush to the apples of your cheek.


Choose a highlighter which is lighter than your skin tone. Add a touch of highlighter to your cheek bones and under your brow bone for an appealing radiance.


First step is moisturize your lips with lip balm. Line your lips with liner and then fill your lips with lipstick and finish with a layer of gloss.

Voila! You are ready. With these simple steps you can achieve flawless look.