Eyeliner is something which can make or break your look. It enhances your eyes and adds definition. I am an eyeliner person. I love to apply eyeliner because it opens up my eyes. One mistake in applying eyeliner and your sexy wing goes from sexy to droopy. If you are not careful while applying eyeliner then you ends up applying the liner wrong or smudging it. So here are some easy and quick ways to fix your eyeliner when you mess it up.

Use the concealer

If you have spoiled your eyeliner then don’t try to wipe it away because it leaves black marks everywhere. To fix this mistake, you can apply the concealer on the affected area and blend it.

Let eyeliner dry

Ladies! Do not wipe the eyeliner instantly when it spoiled because it leads to further smudging. So be patient and let it dry for 2-3 minutes then remove it. It will be easier then.

Turn your spoiled liner into a smoky eye

If your eyeliner is spoiled then ladies show your creativity and turn your spoiled liner into a smoky eye. Take a small brush and smudge the eyeliner outwards and upwards. Apply a dark shade of eye shadow over the smudged line and it is done.

Use makeup remover

The easy and swift way to fix the spoiled eyeliner is to use the makeup remover.

Tip :

If you like to apply thick or winged eyeliner then you must start with a thin line and then move further and apply it carefully.